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Actcri Shop Legit or Scam {June 2022} Read Reviews Here!

Read this article, and you will be able to find out Actcri Shop Legit or Scam, along with other important information on this website.

Want to buy Tacklife Table Saw? Want to relieve your stress towards modern gadgets? While you are searching for these types of gadgets, you found Actcri Shop. Maximum people living in the United States have shifted their primary focus towards the online market. 

This is why they want to know the details about an ecommerce site. Though Actcri shops have started to sell unique gadgets that is why people are asking Actcri Shop Legit or ScamYou need to follow this article in the minority to get to the answer.

Legitimacy parameters of Actcri Shop:

As we discuss the website, you all need to know that a website has been built by taking the support of various parameters. Fraudulent groups found those parameters as their opportunity. 

They started to create a domain of their own by changing some details. From that, they used to scam lots of buyers who don’t know a website’s functions.

  • This website started its online journey on 18th April 2022, and it has not completed two months of working.
  • They have attractive products, but we do not find any Actcri Shop Reviews on their official product page.
  • As no reviews have been found, we thought to look for the Trust Score, but this website also gained a trust score like their reviews. It has gained only 1%.
  • The domain of Actcri will expire on 18th April 2023. Still, 10 months are there.
  • Trust index that Actcri has gained only 10 percent, which is not appreciable.
  • Due to the poor trust index score, we have decided to look for Alexa, but we do not find any information about this ranking.
  • Unfortunately, we do not find any social media handle that has been uploaded by the Actcri team. Thus, it raises the question: Actcri Shop Legit or Scam?
  • Correct contact details are not available on the Contact Us page for the Actcri webpage.
  • They do not upload a single sentence related to the owner of Actcri.

What is Actcri?

As we all came to know, Actcri is a website mainly known for selling unique gadgets that transfer human stress to the machine and get comfort. Though these are all unique products, they still provide huge discounts to attract customers.

After getting lots of discounts and the trust score of this website is very low, people started to create doubt about Actcri Shop Legit or Scam?

Features of Actcri:

  • Actcri has already created its domain name as Actcri. shop
  • To visit Actcri, you need to type
  • The contact number of Actcri is not available. You can easily connect with their representatives using your Email ID as [email protected]
  • They will manage to deliver their customer product within 5 days.
  • Any customer has given the right to return the product within 25 days from buying.
  • They maintain a slow refund process of 10 days.
  • We do not find any social media Icon posted on Actcri’s Homepage.

Read PROS and CONS to know Actcri Shop Legit or Scam:

PROS sides of Actcri:

  • This website learns to deliver a quick delivery service for 5 days.
  • Customers will get 25 days to refund any product they bought from Accra.
  • The payment option will help customers to pay easily without having headaches.
  • Customers looking for unique workable gadgets can easily be found here.

CONS sides of Actcri:

  • This website’s age has been almost 2 months, and still, HTTPS certification is missing from this website.
  • The Absence of social media has also set a huge drawback for this website.
  • Actcri officials have failed to upload proper documentation on the homepage of Actcri.

Actcri Shop Reviews:

We do not find any review that the customer has posted. Though they do not have any social media accounts, it is tough for us to know about their plan. 

We searched for a popular review website. They said this website was untrustworthy or a scam. When talking about scams, click here and learn how to avoid PayPal Scams.


According to our research based on the internet, we can say this website is not at all a legit website. The trust score is also very low. Viewers can look for alternative websites to buy this type of gadget.

What do you think of Actcri Shop Legit or Scam? Please share with us what you think about this website now. Also, click here and read every tip and trick to save money from Credit Card Scams.

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