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Customer Visits (Nov 2022) Bank With Iron Kolo Box To Deposit Savings Finds Out Everything Has Decayed (Video)

In a video making the rounds online, bank staff and other customers watched as the offloaded the decayed cash unto a desk.

A client counted on a kolo box to store the cash being put something aside for long yet the cash was found to have become spoiled.

In a video getting out and about on the web, bank staff and different clients looked as the offloaded the rotted money unto a work area.

The case was broken in the financial lobby and they were all in shock that there was no decent naira note inside.

Various individuals continued to unsettle their hands through the heap of N1k notes to check whether any one was still great.

Responding, the__oluwatosin composed; Taking a gander at this cash… I can perceive you without a doubt that it got terrible from water… Simply envision your old books kept close to a wall for such a long time… It’ll get soggy and turn sour

marchborn09; And this individual em relatives fit tell am to give dem cash o yet e fit say e no get

globalwalex; As long as the chronic number are unblemished, it’s as yet a legitimate delicate

nikkilaoye; So he carried it to the bank with the goal that they could do what?

Oti lo, its majority is currently useless and annihilated, there isn’t anything that should be possible with this paper

jimmy_biirch; You Dey keep cash ??? Yet, I sure say this individual de generally ask individuals for cash

on God. You keep yours attempting to spend others. See your life now

diamondbest1; Go to national bank, they’ll trade the cash for you

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