Darian Jarrott Shooting Video, New Mexico Police Officer Killed, Who Is Omar Felix Cueva?

Drone video shows law enforcement chase with Omar Felix Cueva, the man who shot and killed New Mexico State Police Officer Darian Jarrott in …

Darian Jarrott Shooting Video – Darian Jarrott worked as a police officer for the New Mexico Police Department. Darian Jarrott Shooting Video has recently gone viral on social media, and viewers are terrified to witness Darian’s death. In this article, we have included all details related to Darian Jarrott Shooting Video, as well as insights into who is Omar Felix Cueva, so please take a look.

Darian Jarrott Shooting Video

The police chief of New Mexico State recently admitted that the police mishandled a traffic stop, resulting in the termination of Officer Darian Jarrott’s tenure. The heartbreaking incident occurred on February 4, 2021, when Omar Cueva shot and killed a 28-year-old man. Jarrott’s body was visible in the video footage. Omar attempted to flee the crime scene while driving five miles east to Las Cruces. However, the cops were able to apprehend him.

New Mexico Police Officer Killed

Darian, a New Mexico Police officer, was killed while on duty. Officer Darian Jarrot was shoot and killed by Omar Cueva. Following the destruction of Cueva’s truck, a gunfight erupted between the police and Cueva. Cueva fired a few rounds from his semi-automatic rifle, and despite the fact that the situation appeared to be out of control, an LCPD officer shot him to death.

New Mexico Police Officer Killed

Who Is Omar Felix Cueva?

Darian Jarrott is a retired police officer from the New Mexico State Police Department. Unfortunately, he was killed as a result of duty while attempting to apprehend Omar Cueva. “Officer Jarrott is said to be in an ambush without protection, backup, or even the details needed to know the danger he was in,” the civil complaint stated, and “as a result, he was brutally murdered.” Sadly, this Officer died on February 4, 2021.

Who Is Omar Felix Cueva

Darian Jarrott Full Video

Omar was stopped by a police officer. Omar Cueva emerged from his CHEVROLET; Omar emerged from his car, concealing a rifle gun in his right hand. Unfortunately, the Officer was unaware that his life was in danger. Omar fired a couple of rounds at the Officer’s upper body. Officer Jarrott is the officer in question. He shot the Officer through the head, neck, shoulder, side of his chest, and back. The video contains graphic content; children should not watch it.

Darian Jarrott Full Video

Darian Jarrott Shooting Video – Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Is Darian Jarrott still alive?

Darian, a New Mexico Police officer, was killed while on duty.

  1. What happened to Darian Jarrott?

He died as a result of gunshot wounds.

  1. When did Darian Jarrott pass away?

Unfortunately, this Officer died on February 4, 2021.

  1. Did Darian Jarrott work as a cop?

Darian Jarrott was a police officer with the New Mexico Police Department.

  1. Who assassinated Darian Jarrott?

Officer Darian Jarrot was shot and killed by Omar Cueva.

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