Farlly Legit Or Scam Online Website Reviews

Farlly Legit Or Scam {June} Read A Comprehensive Review!

Read facts about Farlly Legit or Scam, a website selling highly demanded utilities at more than 50% discounts.

Are you looking to buy household utilities to make your work easy? Did you come across such utilities at high prices? As such utilities are small in size, would you consider purchasing them if available at low prices? How about it you are offered free shipping and more discounts and free items on purchasing more?

Farlly.com is a Worldwide website offering such utilities. Let’s check is Farlly Legit or Scam.

Is Farlly Legit?

  • Farlly Creation: 18th May 2022 at 7:00:00.
  • Farlly Age: Fourteen days old.
  • Farlly Last updated on: 24th May 2022 at 7:00:00.
  • Farlly Expiry: 18th May 2023 at 7:00:00.
  • Farlly life expectancy: expires within eleven months and sixteen days.
  • Trust Index: Farlly gets a terrible Trust Score of 2%.
  • Business ranking: Farlly has a 0% business ranking
  • Place of origin: Farlly was registered in the USA.
  • Suspicious Websites Proximity: 42%.
  • Threat Profile: 93%.
  • Phishing Score: 93%.
  • Malware Score: 76%.
  • Spam Score: 68%.
  • Status of Blacklisting: Farlly is not blacklisted.
  • Connection Security: Farlly uses a valid HTTPS protocol.
  • Farlly Reviews of SSL Certification: valid for the next 82 days for IP
  • Social relations: Farlly pages are not present on social media.
  • Contact person: not mentioned on Farlly.
  • Owner’s Identity and Contact: Services of PrivacyGuardian.org were used to censor the details of owners.


Farlly.com is a newly launched e-store selling multipurpose household utilities and items. Farlly.com is offering only 72 household utilities for sale that include:

  • Kid’s toys
  • Cleaning accessories
  • Kitchen utilities
  • Tools
  • Decors, etc.

Most of the products offered are below $40 MRP, excluding discounts. Farlly.com content was copied from several websites. The ‘About Us’ page of Farlly.com is generic and stolen.

Features determining is Farlly Legit or Scam?

  • Buy household utilities at: https://www.farlly.com.
  • Price: Starts from $7.99
  • Physical Address: Beimac Company Limited, #6-9, The Square, Uxbridge, Middlesex-UB11 1FW.
  • Phone (or) WhatsApp number: unspecified at Farlly.
  • Email address: [email protected]
  • Social media Links: unspecified on Farlly.
  • Customer Reviews and blogs: reviews are supported by Farlly.
  • Terms and Conditions: plagiarized on Farlly.
  • Privacy policy: plagiarized on Farlly.
  • Store locator: Farlly did not feature a store locator.
  • Delivery Policy: utilities are delivered via standard shipping within 20 days and via express shipping within 12 days by Farlly; considered to review is Farlly Legit or Scam?
  • Shipping Policy: Standard shipping for orders above $39.99 is free; for express shipping, there is a charge of $3.90. If the order is below $39.99, standard shipping would cost $6.90, and express shipping will cost $9.90. Farlly takes 2 days of processing time.
  • Tracking: The tracking order page on Farlly is not working.
  • Cancellation Policy: Cancellation is permitted before Farlly ships the orders.
  • Return Policy: Farlly accepts returns within 14 days.
  • Restocking Fee: not charged by Farlly.
  • Refunds Policy: Farlly does not the refunds shipping fee. The order amount will be refunded within 20 days to the original mode of payment; a positive highlight to check is Farlly Legit or Scam.
  • Mode of Payment: via PayPal in 21 different global currencies.
  • Newsletters: Supported by Farlly.
  • Help and FAQ: present on Farlly.


  • High utility and multipurpose products featured at Farlly.com
  • Detailed product description, video and image illustrations present on Farlly.com
  • Farlly.com offers all products at more than 48% discounts
  • Buy more and get more discounts offers are featured at Farlly.com


  • The specified physical address was found on several fraudulent websites. Hence, the address is fake.
  • Poor logic and inventory control of Farlly.com allowing users to order infinite quantity
  • Only PayPal is accepted at Farlly.com.
  • Poor user interface without searching, sorting and filtering options
  • Difficult to contact Farlly.com customer service

Customers Farlly Reviews

Three YouTube reviews and Four website reviews of Farlly.com suggest that it is a scam. Farlly received a Zero Alexa rank. 

Product reviews on Farlly.com are yet to be rated. No reviews were present for Farlly on social media and elsewhere on the internet. As Farlly recommends PayPal payments, Read About PayPal Rackets to avoid getting scammed.


Farlly.com has a terrible Trust Score, Zero Business Ranking and Alexa Score. Farlly.com has high suspicion, threat, phishing, spam and malware profile. Hence, it is a highly insecure website. No customer reviews regarding Farlly.com were found. Farlly Legit or Scam reviews conclude that Farlly.com is a Scam. We do not recommend Farlly.com in absence of delivery acknowledgement. Read About Credit Card Rackets as Farlly accepts credit cards via PayPal.

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