WWE The Friday Night Smack-down Final Results (Oct-2022) Highlights, Winners

WWE Smack-down Results for Friday Night Smack-down Results: The final Friday evening WWE Smack-down match has created excitement among fans of wrestling. Here’s the latest information highlighting WWE the Friday Night Smack-down Results.

WWE Friday Night Smack-down the Results:

WWE Friday Night Smack-Down comes back to our lives as we discuss yesterday’s show, which took place on October. 28th, 2022 has increased the anticipation of fans and the event was fantastic. WWE Smack-Down kicks off with The Brawling Brute strutting down to the ring to take on their opponent. They are joined by Usos, Solo, and Sami Zayn are backstage. Jey as well as Zayn are having a conversation about their respective careers, and Zayn informs Jey that everything is hands-on deck. Roman isn’t here this evening, but the first thing he has to observe when he arrives is the hand that they raise in triumph.

The Brawling Brutes and Solo Sikoa and Sami Zayn:

The Brawling Brutes are a wrestling stable that includes Ridge Holland and Butch. Butch as well as Zayn are also in the wrestling ring. Holland is in the ring when They double team Zayn. Holland takes Zayn and then slams him onto the mat. Zayn is kicked out as his opponent tries to cover. Holland uses a powerbomb however, Zayn is able to get up. Solo strikes Holland with a powerful kick. Zayn made a Blue Thunder Bomb, but Butch is able to defend himself by securing his head in a side lock. Holland and his big shoulder, fought Jey Solo and Solo. When Butch is advancing, Zayn gets in the box and takes down the pin. The result is Brawling Brutes win. According to sportskeeda, Brawling Brutes are the winners.

Maximum Male Models vs. the New Day:

Woods as well as Mansoor both are inside the boxing ring. They are a double team with Mansoor. Mansoor is kicked out when Kofi takes the cover. Woods is then tagged to come back. The two teams’ double team Mansoor. Maxxine cleverly distracts the judge and then Mace strikes Woods with his right hand. Mace is caught and the two teams double-team Woods. Woods throws Mace towards the outside. Kofi is in. Kofi dropped a dropkick to Mansoor. Then, Woods is tagged in as well as Kofi is tagged in with his Midnight Hour. Then Woods takes on the cover and receives the pin. The result is that The New Day is the winner. According to sportskeeda, New Day is the winner.

Women’s Champion – Ronda Rousey (c) against. Emma:

An arm bar is slammed the arm bar down Ronda. Emma tries to lift Emma on her shoulders. Emma moves behind Ronda however Ronda is kicked out. Emma then throws Ronda her back in the boxing ring. Emma uses the tarantula to her advantage as the referee dismantles it. Emma gets up the top rope, and crosses-body. When Emma is ready to covering, Ronda kicks out. Emma is attempting the Russian leg sweep however, Ronda kicks her out. Another time, Emma goes for an underhook Supplex and gets a supplex, but Ronda is able to push Emma towards the referee however, the referee is moved out. Ronda takes Emma on the arm bar, and Emma hits out. This is the result, Ronda Rousey takes the prize. According to sportskeeda, Ronda Rousey is the winner.

Hit Row as well as Shinsuke Nakamura against. Legado Del Fantasma:

Legado Del Fantasma was out first in the first round, and Hit Row brought Shinsuke Nakamura to level the playing field. The match began within minutes the match, and Adonis was secluded early in the corner of Legado. Del Toro grabs Adonis by the leg, and Nakamura being tagged in. Then Santos is added to the tag. Nakamura is back in the arena and heads to the front however Escobar knocks him out. Top Dolla receives Wilde as well as Del Toro, and he hits them both at once. Escobar strikes him with an attack. Nakamura is in the middle of this and hits Escobar via the Kinshasa. Nakamura goes for the cover and is awarded the pin. The result is Hit Row, and Shinsuke Nakamura wins. According to sportskeeda Hit Row and Shinsuke Nakamura is the winner.

Karrion-Kross Scarlett against. Madcap Moss:

Karrion-Kross returned from his visit to the hospital and was ready to return to the boxing ring. Moss made some huge moves in the early stages of the match but Kross returned with a huge kick in the corner. She then knocked Moss out before heading to the break. Karrion throws Madcap to the ropes, and attempts to cover, but, surprisingly, Madcap kicks out. Then he throws Kross to the ropes and Madcap is able to run towards the ropes using an arm block. Scarlett enters the ring to at distracting Madcap. Kross by hitting Madcap’s neck on the back. He takes aim at the cover and wins the pin. The result is Karrion Kross taking home the prize. According to sportskeeda’s calculations, Karrion-Kross is the winner.

WWE Saturday Night Smack-down Results FAQs:

  1. What exactly is WWE?

WWE is World Wrestling Entertainment, Inc. A professional wrestling company located within the United States.

  1. Who will be the winner of Ronda Rousey (c) against. Emma?

Ronda Rousey wins.

  1. Who is the winner of the most powerful Male Models vs.What is the New Day?

New Day wins.

  1. What time was the show telecast?

The show was broadcast on the Friday of October. 28th, 2022.

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