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International Parcel Service Fake {May} Read The Facts!

Read facts regarding International Parcel Service Fake Messages to know how scammers deploy various means to loot innocent customers.

Did you know that IPS Ltd. is located in Delta, BC? The IPS Ltd is associated with Freight Transportation Arrangement Industry. During the Covid pandemic, the SMS informing customers about the delivery of their package was circulated at a high scale in Canada and Australia.

Are you aware of malware getting transmitted to user devices via SMS? Let’s read about International Parcel Service Fake messages targeting customers’ financial information.

About Modes of IPS Scams:

There were three modes of extracting personal and financial information from that customer, which the scammers deployed. The scammers sent SMS to thousands of people informing them if they would like to know get their parcels delivered, they need to either click on the link provided in the SMS, respond to the message, or call the number.

During the Covid-19 lockdown, this scam worked out as people did not have the option to go to an IPS store and verify if there was any parcel for them. Therefore, such innocent customers responded to International Parcel Service Fake Sms and several others contacted the phone number. Once the customer contacted the number, the scammer took their personal and payment information.

Some scammers also requested access to users’ devices with the help of remote viewing software and gained control of users’ computers to extract information. It was a similar situation with the people who responded to the SMS. But, the scamming process was high-end and automated when it came to clicking the link in the SMS.

The SMS included one links such as,, These links redirect the user to a fake International Parcel Service Ipswebsite such as and many more. The website shows the parcel’s status in transit and gives two options to the user. The first option is to get the parcel delivered to the customer’s address, and the second option is to take the parcel from the pickup point.

Irrespective of the option customer chooses, a tracking code is generated. It aims to gain the customer’s confidence that their parcel is pending delivery and can be traced with the tracking number. In the next step, customers must pay a small amount to schedule the delivery.

International Parcel Service Fake Website:

There are several such websites that try and gain customers’ confidence. Due to which, the customer proceedsconfidently to select a date and time for delivery. Finally, the fake IPS website prompts users to enter their contact details in the shipping information.


Do not click on any links present in the SMS trying to create an emergency. In the past, ‘flubot’ named malware had spread due to such SMS scams. Avoid entering personal and payment details on such websites. Please do not respond to such messages or call them, as the scammers will be able to figure out how to obtain personal and financial information from you.

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