Is Anthea Turner married? Check Anthea Turner Bio, Wiki, Age, Husband, Birthday, Children, Career, Networth

Is Anthea Turner married? Check Anthea Turner Bio, Wiki, Age, Husband, Birthday, Children, Career, Networth

Anthea Turner got married to Bovey in 2000. Bovey had three children with his previous wife. But Anthea Turner does not have any children. Still, she has ……

Is Anthea Turner Married? British television iconic Anthea Turner is known for her show Blue Peter. Her fame has grown as a former television host and media host. Everyone who watches television is looking to find out if the actress Married. If you’re interested in learning more about Is anthea truler married Check out the following article.

Anthea Turner Wiki

Anthea Turner is British former television host born on the 25th of May 1960. She was renowned for her role as presenter on the TV show Blue Peter from 1992 to 1994. She also served as host for GMTV from 1994 until 1996. Her birthplace was in Staffordshire and attended St Dominic’s Grammar School based in Stoke. She was a part of BBC Radio Stoke as a runners. As time went by she joined the Breakfast show’s host Bruno Brookes and was also participant in the Rap group. She began to gain massive popularity after making the debut with BBC as well as Sky.

Is Anthea Turner married?

Anthea Turner is an ex- English television host born on May 25, 1960. In 1990, Anthea got married Peter Powell, but the couple divorced. In 2000, she was engaged to Grant Bovey, but they stopped their marriage and divorced in the year 2015. Recently, Anthea is getting engaged to Armstrong. Since the beginning of 2019, Anthea Turner is contemplating a wedding to her fiance Mark Armstrong in a wedding that will be held in the UK instead of abroad and is anticipated to occur in the coming months. According to hellomagazine, Anthea Turner engaged Armstrong.

Is Anthea Turner Married

Anthea Turner Net Worth

Turner was a member in BBC Radio Stoke as a runners and later became a member of Bruno Brookes’ rap crew. Her first TV appearance was on the BBC On But First This. The Anthea Turner’s wealth is impressive and is in the $20 million mark dollars. Our Anthea Turner put in the effort every day and reached an impressive networth to the degree. According to the celebritynetworth, her net worth stands at around $20 million dollars.

Anthea Turner Age

While a lot of people aren’t keen on discussing their age, they do are able to discriminate or decide if they are young or old. It is possible to ask what Anthea Turner’s age. The English TV presenter was born on May 25, 1960. Therefore, she’s age 62 today. If you are able to pursue your goal with passion you can accomplish it no matter what. Because of her talent and determination she was able to make a comeback in BBC Three in Anthea Turner: Perfect Housewife. According to celebritynetworth, Anthea Turner is 62 years old.

Anthea Turner Height

Anthea Turner has risen to an acceptable height as she gained immense popularity and recognition, and Anthea Turner featured on numerous news articles. When you see Anthea Turner’s name rising to an acceptable size, you might be wondering what Anthea Turner’s actual size in meters and feet is. If you’re no idea about Anthea Turner’s height prior to 2022, here’s a clue. Anthea Turner is 5 feet, 5 inches. We’ll be attentive to giving more details on Anthea Turner’s height in case it changes over time. According to, Anthea Turner’s height was 5′ and 5 inches.

Anthea Turner’s Birthday

Anthea began her career in broadcasting with BBC the local station, hosting traffic reports. Her broadcasting career began with BBC with the program But First This. The place she was raised was Stoke-on-Trent and attended St Dominic’s School of Grammar School. She was the daughter of Brian Turner and Jean Turner. She was the third from three children. Every year , she celebrates her birthday on the 25th of May 1960. According to Wikipedia, Anthea turner’s birthday is 25 May 1960.

Anthea Turner Husband

In the year 1990, Anthea had a lengthy relationship with her boss, who was also former DJ Peter Powel. The couple split in 1998. Turner was involved in been involved in an affair Bovey and they were wed on the 23rd of August in 2000. Turner must adjust to the Bovey family, who is the father of three children from his prior marriage. The couple divorced in October of 2015. Recently , she was married to Armstrong. According to Hellomagazine, Anthea Turner engaged Armstrong.

Anthea Turner Husband

Anthea Turner Children

In the year 2019, Anthea delighted fans by declaring the engagement of Mark Armstrong five months after they began dating. Anthea was married to Bovey in the year 2000. Bovey has three kids with his former wife. However, Anthea is not a mother to any children. However, she has had some ups and downs in the course of her relationship, however, it is reported that she doesn’t have children. According to the Sun, Anthea does not have children.

Anthea Turner’s career and Nationality

From October 1988 until the month of May, Anthea hosted Top of the Pops and was a well-known host of Blue Peter between 1992 and 1994. She then became an GMTV host from 1994 until 1996. Turner was a part of BBC Radio Stoke as a run-and-run, and her breakfast show host with Bruno Brookes has reached many cities. Turner’s nationality is British. According to the biographygist, Turner’s Nationality is British.

Does Anthea Turner Married? – FAQs

  1. What Is Anthea Turner?

Anthea turner is an ex-Television presenter.

  1. Which does Anthea Turner’s age?

She is aged 62.

  1. What is the Net Worth of Anthea Turner?

Her net worth is $20 Million dollars.

  1. Is Anthea turner still alive?

Yes, she is alive.

  1. What is Anthea Turner’s height 

The height of her is five feet 5 inches.

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