Is Ben Thompson Married? Who is Ben Thompson's partner? Learn About Wiki, Age, Gay Married and More

Is Ben Thompson Married? Who is Ben Thompson’s partner? Learn About Wiki, Age, Gay Married and More

Here is the relationship status of Ben Thompson, who has been working as a journalist on the BBC channel for several years. According to TheSun …

Is Ben Thompson married? – This is a question about American Business, Technology, and Media Analyst Ben Thompson. He is well-known as the BBC’s New York and Middle East correspondent. Many people are curious if Thompson has been married. This article will answer your question about whether he is married.

Is Ben Thompson Married?

Ben Thompson was born on August 12, 1981 in Burnley, England. He moved to London after graduating from Cardiff University, where he received a degree both in French and international business. He is a journalist and was the BBC’s Middle East and New York correspondent. According to TheSun website he has not been married to anyone since 2022. It is also stated that Thompson does not have children with any of the female celebrities. Instead, Ben revealed that he was in a long-term relationship since 2011 with Andy Roche. Learn more about Ben Thompson in our upcoming sections.

Who is Ben Thompson’s partner?

This is Ben Thompson’s relationship status. He has been a BBC journalist for many years. According to TheSun website he has been with Andy Roche since 2011. They regularly update their social media followers about their relationship. You can find photos of the happy couple on his Instagram accounts @benthompsontv@andyroche. Ben sent a touching message to the couple wishing them a happy tenth anniversary in 2021. It’s amazing that you have been with me for ten years.

Who Is Ben Thompson's Partner

Ben Thompson Age

According to the Facts bio website information, he was born in London, United Kingdom, on August 12, 1981. However, he has not officially announced his birth date on any of his social media accounts or on any official websites. Ben Thompson, however, is 40 years of age as of 2022.

Ben Thompson Gay

Many people have speculated that Ben Thompson, a BBC channel host, might be gay. He has never been in a relationship with any of the female celebrities. This is because Ben has been in a relationship with Andy Roche since 2011. According to Wothappen, he is not gay and is not mentioned anywhere else on the internet.

Ben Thompson Height

Many people search the internet for the height of their favorite celebrities. He is one example. According to Facts, he stands 6′ 6 inches.

Ben Thompson Net worth

He is a TV personality who works for BBC. According to Facts bio web source Ben Thompson’s salary ranges from $27,300 up to $77,500. According to this data, his net worth ranges from $300,000.00 to $700,000. We will also update our website with any changes in his income or net worth.

Ben Thompson Instagram

He is active on Instagram using his username @benthompsontv. He regularly posts photos to Instagram and has 21K followers. Click this link to follow him on Instagram and hit the Follow button.

Ben Thompson Instagram

Is Ben Thompson Married – Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Who is Ben Thompson?

American Journalist Ben Thompson

  1. How tall is Ben Thompson?

He is 6 feet 6 inches tall.

  1. Is Ben Thompson a Gay?

He is not gay.

  1. What is Ben Thompson’s age?

Ben Thompson was 40 years of age in 2022.

  1. Is Ben Thompson currently in a relationship?

He is currently dating Andy Roche.

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