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Is Cartisty Legit or Scam {June 2022} Read Quick & Easy Reviews

Is Cartisty Legit or Scam has reviewed an apparel selling e-commerce store and presented its finding in the public domain.

If you are a regular online shopper, purchasing from an unknown website may leave you with a bad experience? People generally purchase from e-commerce portals to get the product at a discounted price, but it may be a scammer’s trap for genuine customers.

The easy access to content management systems has allowed many scammers in the United States to enter the online retail market. Cartisty is a new portal selling apparel like T-shirts and pants at a highly discounted price. Is Cartisty Legit or Scam has investigated this website to check the authenticity of this apparel selling platform!

Legitimacy Analysis of Cartisty Com:

During our investigation, our team could not access this website, which further raised suspicion about the Cartisty platform. However, we collected some legit facts related to this store from other portals and listed them below for online shoppers.

  • Website Creation date – This domain was registered on 24th March 2022, a less than three-month-old site.
  • Alexa ranking – On the Web portal, this site has been ranked at 3831113, a poor rank for any legit website.
  • Trust index – According to the Cartisty Reviews team, the trust index for this apparel selling store is 42.9%, a moderate rating for a legit site.
  • Domain expiry – This domain will expire on 24th March 2023.
  • Plagiarism – The content available on this platform looks highly plagiarized.
  • Social platform – It has almost zero presence on any social media website.
  • Physical address – This store’s contact address is not mentioned on any of the site’s web pages.
  • Customer Reviews – Some customer reviews of the product sold on this platform are negative and available in the digital space.
  • Trust score – Is Cartisty Legit or Scam team found the trust score for this store to be 1%, a low rating for any website, and it further raises doubt about the authenticity of this platform.
  • Owner’s detail – We could not find any details related to the owner on Cartisty Com.
  • Website unavailable – we could not access this site during our investigation, raising doubt about its legitimacy.

What is Cartisty Com Portal?

Cartisty is an online store that started its operation a few months ago and sold apparel on its platform. It succeeded in getting some of the customers on its portal due to the highly discounted product.

Is Cartisty Legit or Scam, found from other sources that this store is using a fake trusted seal to gain public confidence. It appears that discount is used as a tool to attract new customers to its platform. The attempt to reach Cartisty Com while writing this review failed as an error was shown on the given website address.

Specifications of Cartisty Website:

  • Domain name –
  • Website address –
  • Email address – [email protected]
  • Contact number – 971  50 616 9042
  • Shipping policy –  Cant access 
  • Return policy – cant access 
  • Newsletter – unavailable
  • Payment method – credit and debit cards
  • Contact address – 972 Culver Road, Rochester, New York, United States

Is Cartisty Legit or Scam Pros for this Website:

  • Contact and email address for customer support are given on the website.
  • People looking for discounts can avail of products at a lesser price on Cartisty.
  • Credit and debit cards are available as payment options.

Cons of Cartisty Com:

  • We cannot reach the website when writing this post, which raises suspicion about its functionality.
  • It has a low trust score.
  • According to other sites, it has given fake contact addresses and contact numbers on its site.
  • It has a low Alexa rank.
  • Some of the customer reviews are negative for this site.

What are Cartisty Reviews for this Website?

Cartisty’s online store started its operation on 24th March 2022, with low traffic on its platform. However, since we cannot access the website, any information on customer review pages of the company’s site can be accessed. 

During our investigation, some customer feedback on natural review sites was accessed, and some of them were negative for Cartisty. Most of the customers didn’t receive the product. These are indicators of a fraudulent website. People looking for more information on PayPal Scams can read here.

Final verdict:

All the important data and facts are against this e-commerce store. Is Cartisty Legit or Scam team, therefore, caution shoppers to remain away from this suspicious website. We advise the shopper to purchase a product from a well-known store, and people looking to share their online shopping experience can comment below. Also, Read – How to Get a Credit Card refund if scammed?

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