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Is Curveladies Legit {June 2022} Read In-depth Reviews!

The discussion will help you understand the virtual store and focus on the debate, Is Curveladies Legit or a scam.

Hi, buyers, do you want to buy designable dresses from the virtual shop? A famous online shop offers a variety of dress items to buyers at a very affordable rate. The name of this online store is Curveladies. Many buyers from the United States have been buying products and dresses from this online store recently. 

But are you sure about the legitimacy of this online store? For this reason, we need to discuss and find out all the essential information about virtual shops. We will search out the basic information about this virtual shop, and check Is Curveladies Legit or not? 

Is This Site Authentic?

  • Domain Creation Date– The domain creation date is 18 May 2021. The website is one year and a few days old.
  • Domain Renewal Date– The renewal date is 18 May 2023. 
  • Address– No official address is mentioned on the website.
  • Owner’s Name– The name of owners are hidden.
  • Famous Score– The popular score is 3335882. It is an abysmal score.
  • Phishing Matter– The website got 18 percent phishing matter.
  • Transparency Score– The website receives a 45 percent score on this. It is very average.
  • Threat Number– Just 48.2 percent.
  • Curveladies Reviews– The buyer’s review is not mentioned. 
  • Threat Matter of Website– It was a 31 percent threat score.

We have checked all the primary but most important information about the online shop. Each statement has a trusted point of view. But still, we are facing problems finding out the legitimacy of the online store. 

We decided to search for more information and data to find out the fundamental question about the website. For this reason, we will do more research about the virtual store and try to find out the essential matter- Is Curveladies Legit or fraud? 

What is Curveladies? 

Curveladies is one of the famous retailers that offer buyers fashionable dress items, shoes, tops, and various kinds of accessories. As per the website’s claim, it provides one of the best products at an affordable price. The virtual store also promises to offer quality products in the market. We need to check more information about the online store.    


  • Website Url-
  • Name- 
  • Postal Contact- Not disclosed.
  • Methods of Return- 15 days return policy. 
  • Email Information- We don’t find any email id on the official website. It questions Is Curveladies Legit? 
  • Founders(s) Matters- We have searched for “Whois” information. But don’t find any information about the owners. 

All the data we provided here is trusted and has the best-validated sources. Hope we will get complete information about the store. The data is all correct and trusted. But it is not the final discussion about the website. We believe that we miss a lot of information. 

To get a more purposeful result, we need to search for more valid data about the website. So, we have checked out some positive and some negative data about the online store. We need to discuss all the data.

The Positive Arguments– Is Curveladies Legit

  1. The online store is offering varieties of items and products.
  2. The store commits to free return items in just 15 days.
  3. The product’s price is not so high and affordable as well.
  4. The store offers many payment options.

The Negative Arguments 

  1. The contact information like email id, postal address, and phone number is totally missing.
  2. The website does not disclose the founder’s name.
  3. The spam rate of the website is 31 percent.
  4. The malware rate is 5 percent.
  5. The website gets a 24 percent suspicious rate.
  6. We don’t find any social media icons on the website.

Curveladies Reviews– What do we find? 

Unfortunately, the website misses the customer’s feedback. It is a problem to get the correct information about the virtual shop. On the other hand, we also try to check other trusted websites to find out the reviews on this online store. 

But sorry to say, the result is the same. We don’t find any feedback or accurate information about the store. It gives a negative about this virtual store. You can check The Basic Knowledge to Refund Your Money from the Paypal Scam for more knowledge. 


Our fundamental question is – Is Curveladies Legit or not? Sorry to inform you, we check all the information with our readers. But the problem is after all the checking, we can say the virtual store doesn’t offer any suitable answers and clear the all-important questions. 

We suggest our readers buy things from legit virtual platforms. What are your online shopping experiences in recent days? Please comment below. Read the blog on – How to Stop Credit Card Fraud

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