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Is Koolenmall Legit {June} Read Comprehensive Reviews!

Scroll down this article and know every detail of Koolenmall to get the answer to your question Is Koolenmall Legit or not.

Want to buy a furnished sofa set? Searching for a unique design sofa set with a reasonable price? While you are surfing the web, you found Koolenmall? As people living in the United States, people started to prefer online shops rather than any offline. 

So, if you are thinking like this, we would suggest you know everything about Koolenmall, then you can easily understand Is Koolenmall Legit or a scam and other things that will clear all of your doubts.

Parameters that will judge the Legitimacy of Koolenmall:

Suppose you all want to know more details about Koolenmall. In that case, we suggest you verify every parameter because many fraudsters are now available online who have started to use a domain of a different website and started to scam buyers, especially those who do not have enough knowledge.

  • Koolenmall started to operate on 29th May 2022. It is a newly developed portal and does not have any experience.
  • Though it is a newly developed portal, we have not found any Koolenmall Reviews until now.
  • We also verify that Koolenmall has only achieved a trust score of only 1 per cent.
  • Though the trust score of Koolenmall is very poor, we have decided to look for the trust index score, but this website has only received 20 per cent.
  • We also checked the content that has been uploaded on Koolenmall pages. Fifty per cent of plagiarism content has been found.
  • The domain of Koolenmall will expire on 29th May 2023, and it almost has 1 month to expire.
  • Though it might be a new portal, a social media link has been uploaded that raises the question: Is Koolenmall Legit or a scam?
  • Unfortunately, we do not find anything that the owner of Koolenmall has uploaded.
  • We have only found a few contact details like customer connect Email and Customer Connect number.

What is Koolenmall?

It is a website trying to sell sofa sets over the web. Though they have niche products, they also give discounts on every product they sell and a warranty on every product they are selling. 

After providing a cool offer, a few people started to doubt this website and search for the answers Is Koolenmall Legit or a scam?

Specification of Koolenmall:

  • Domain name Koolenmall has been registered by the name Koolenmall. Shop.
  • We do not find the ranking of Alexa has been achieved by Koolenmall.
  • We have also found the contact support Email of Koolenmall, and it is [email protected]
  • The developer also provides the contact number for support, and it is 079 1247 7533
  • They will deliver any of their products within 4 to 5 days.
  • Customers can easily apply for a return within 25 days of buying a sofa.
  • The refund policy of this website takes a week to credit.
  • Social media links and the count are not available.
  • Yes, they only accept payments like VISA, PayPal etc.

Is Koolenmall Legit can be known by knowing its advantage and disadvantages:

Advantage of Koolenmall:

  • We found a newsletter that Koolenmall has implemented.
  • Customers will get niche products easily from this portal.
  • They have maintained a transparent and understandable policy.
  • They are also selling their products at a reasonable price.

The disadvantage of Koolenmall:

  • Though certification has been missing, it can easily be breached by scammers.
  • The owner of Koolenmall has not provided a single update on their portal.
  • Koolenmall tends to share customer data with other service providers.

These are the few advantages and disadvantages Koolenmall has. As a customer, you need to know everything about it.

Koolenmall Reviews:

The Trust score of Koolenmall is very low, that is why we tried to find out the customer reviews, but we didn’t find anything. Popular review channels said to stay away from this website. 

No social media scout has been provided. Thus, it can be a scam. While discussing scams, have you heard about the PayPal scam? If you don’t, then click here.


Based on all the reports on the web, we found this website is a scam, the trust score of this website is only 1 per cent, and other details are missing. So, we want customers to move forward to other trusted websites.

What do you think Is Koolenmall Legit or a scam? Comment down your view in our comment section. Also, click here and learn every updated tip to save your money from credit card scams.

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