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Is Pineapplz Legit or Scam {June 2022} Read Reviews Here!

The below article focuses on answering today’s doubt that it Is Pineapplz Legit or Scam. Read to know all the facts and details.

Are you looking for a website which may avail you of clothing for all ages? Do you want to get a website that may always help you choose the best clothing gift for your Loved ones? Not getting satisfactory results from online shopping? Then check this website that the people of the United States love.

Let us solve all our problems that relate to clothing but first read the article to know Is Pineapplz Legit or Scam. So, here this article is up to discuss with the readers all the aspects. Read below to get all details!

Is Pineapplz a genuine website? 

  • Creation of Domain- The website was created a long time ago, on 18th January 1995.
  • Expiry Date- It seems hard to get as the website is too old. 
  • Trust Score- The website has a great trust score of 91 out of 100.
  • Trust Index- The website has a great image in the case of the index as well, and that is 100 out of 100.
  • Owner Details – The owner’s name is, as mentioned, Braden Pollock. 
  • Pineapplz Reviews- The reviews for the said website seem to be good according to its earned scores. 
  • Contact details – The website has again impressed us by providing all the contact details on the official website. 
  • Suspicion of the website- That too seems good as it is only 8 out of 100. 
  • Alexa Ranking – The rank for the website is, as mentioned here, 6073115. 
  • WHOIS Data- The date of the website is hidden. 

Further, we are saying that it has earned a great image from the customer by supplying quality products to its buyers. Is Pineapplz Legit or Scam the question that needs more answers to a final decision? The website is very old and has been working for 27 years in the market. 

About the is an online website that claims to provide a custom collection of anything one can expect from an online selling portal. It has all types of clothes for all ages and all genders. The website has a great image in the market and is a very old website in the selling market. 

All these details will help you know whether: Is Pineapplz Legit or Scam.  Also, the website is available to various languages and recently this website is a trendy website. 


  • Name of the Website-
  • URL of the Website- 
  • E-mail Address- [email protected]
  • Name of the Owner- Braden Pollock
  • Visiting Address- Jewett, NY 12444, the United States. 834 Merwin Street.
  • Phoning Details- +1(623) 999-9388
  • Return Policy- Return is acceptable within 14 days of delivery. 

Note– All the details this website holds are original and are gathered from the official portal of the mentioned website. If you still didn’t have a proper and satisfying answer, here are some.

Positives to find Is Pineapplz Legit or Scam. 

  • The website has all the information visible on the official portal. 
  • It is a 27 years old website and is trusted by many. 
  • The suspicion Score of the website is very low. 
  • The owner’s details are also available.
  • All the scores are also good. 
  • Easy filters for shopping are also mentioned. 
  • The E-mail address is available along with the contact number and visiting address. 

Negatives of the 

The website is unique and authentic. We did not get any specific negativity or questioning over the website’s quality, policies, or contact details, except for accepting PayPal Payments. 

What are the Pineapplz Reviews? 

Reviews are a vital part of any website when spending money on the available products. For the reviews of, we found that it is not a Fraud and reviews for this website are good enough to trust the portal with your money. 

They claimed to accept only PayPal as their payment method. If you ever face restrictions over getting your money back, you may click here to get the money back from the PayPal scam. 

The Last Words

Wrapping up, we have found the answer to all your doubts about the question, Is Pineapplz Legit or Scam? And the answer is likely to have a positive comment. is not a fraudulent virtual platform. But, still, we suggest checking all the policies.

What is your favourite thing when it comes to online shopping?  Please comment below to let us know more about it. Moreover, click here to learn all the details about the PayPal scams.

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