Just Met Made Me Cook For Myself

A Guy I Just Met Made Me Cook For Myself (Nov 2022) When I Visited His Place For First Time – Lady Narrates

A Nigerian lady has narrated what happened when she visited a guy she started getting to know of recent. Related Articles.

A Nigerian woman has described what happened when she visited a person she began getting to know about later.

As indicated by her, they have been visiting for at some point and he chose to welcome her to his home.

She was ravenous yet there was no food in his home so the person requested that she cook what she will eat without anyone else.

The man taught her to make plantain and chicken, so she entered the kitchen, but when she cut, he countd each piece and advised her against removing from them.

The woman thought he was kidding so she ate 3 bits of the plantain she seared and this rankled the person when he found she didn’t pay attention to his guidance.

She was sorry and proposed to sear more plantain yet he attacked her and discussed how expensive food is on the lookout.

She was confounded about his way of behaving and went online to hear the point of view of virtual entertainment clients.

Peruse her review;

“Begun conversing with this new person, he welcomed me over so I went to his home for the first time. I was ravenous and there was no food so he requested that I cook. He said I ought to make plantain and chicken.

At the point when I slice the plantains he came to count it, he said so I don’t remove from it. I thought he was kidding till I ate 3 while I was cooking. He came to count again when I was serving the food and he received exceptionally furious that I ate 3 in return.

I was sorry and said I can broil another plantain to compensate for itself and he went off about his food stuff is presently costly. Also, demanded 3 would be from my piece. Is this a warning?

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