Who killed Linda Collins Smith? Everything you know about Linda Collins Smith's murder

Who killed Linda Collins Smith (Oct-2022) ? Everything you know about Linda Collins Smith’s murder

Linda Collins Smith was found dead by her father and son, near her home in Pocahontas, Arkansas, footage showed O’Donnell, Linda Collin’s closest friend …

Who was killed by Linda Collins Smith: Linda F. Collins was an American politician, businesswoman and politician was brutally killed by a friend. She is an Arkansas Republican senator from the Arkansas Senate and was born on the 17th of April 1962. Following her death, police searched for the person who killed Linda Collins Smith. If you’re searching for who killed Linda Collins Smith, Read the following article.

Who Murdered Linda Collins Smith?

Rebecca Lynn O’Donnell was traveling to attend the funeral and memorial service for Linda Collins-Smith, her friend in the year 2019. Linda Collins had recently been murdered by a stab wound in Pocahontas, Arkansas. Linda Collins-Smith was stabbed death in the month of May in 2019. Rebecca O’Donnell was arrested for the murder. Linda’s family discovered her corpse under a tarp that was thrown over her driveway. Rebecca O’Donnell had been Linda Collins-Smith’s closest friend, according to reports. She worked as the assistant of Collins-Smith in her time as senator. Arkansas State senator. According to ABCNews, Linda Collins was killed by Rebecca O’Donnell.

Linda Collins Smith Obituary

An Arkansas woman was convicted on Thursday for the murder of her former state legislator who was wounded with numerous wounds, and later discovered dead at her home. O’Donnell was convicted of her first-degree murder and for abusing the body of her former friend who was former Arkansas state senator. Linda Collins. Collins who was known as Collins-Smith during the Legislature and was discovered dead on June 4 2019 at her residence in Pocahontas approximately 130 miles to the northeast to Little Rock. All funeral services to honor Linda F. Collins will be held at the Sutton Free Will Baptist Church in Pocahontas, Arkansas. Funeral services for Linda Collins will begin at 10:00 AM on the 15th of June in 2019.

Linda Collins Smith Murder

Collins Father and son discovered Linda’s body at her house in Pocahontas on the 4th of June 2019. Linda died from injuries from a knife. Rebecca Lynn O’Donnell from Pocahontas who was a close acquaintance of Collins was charged with capital murder on the 17th of June. She was an ex-campaigner. She attempted to hide all evidence of physical and abuse committed by the corpse. She feels guilty for killing Collins’ friend Collins and committing a grave robbery on her corpse. Because from this incident, on the 7th of August the 7th of August, 2020 she was sentenced to 43 years in prison. The investigation concluded O’Donnell was the one who killed Collins. O’Donnell killed Collins on May 28, 2000. According to Wiki, O’Donnell killed friend Collins.

Linda Collins

On the 17th of April 1962 Linda was born in Pocahontas, Arkansas. Her parents were Benny Collins and Carolyn Vernice Hunnicutt Collins. Linda was an adorable daughter, loving mother and grandmother, niece, sister, co-worker, neighbor and acquaintance. She was an Arkansas State Representative as well as a State Senator from Arkansas. She was an active participant in the National Rifle Association. Linda was proud to be the Randolph County Tourism Association founder. Linda is a strong member for the Patriots of Act 746 in Arkansas. Linda Collins got married to Philip Smith, but things weren’t going well between them for a while. They divorced. They had two kids.

Rebecca Lynn O’Donnell

The year was 2018, and O’Donnell was a part-time employee in Collins her re-election campaign as well as an expert witness in the former legislator’s divorce process. Investigators found the fact that Collins has not been seen since on May 28, 2019. Smith’s video footage from his home was discovered and restored by the investigators and they were able to obtain an original copy. The footage showed O’Donnell, Linda Collin’s closest friend who was holding a knife while playing with the video cameras. O’Donnell said that I visited Linda’s house to kill her. She then concealed the body.

Who killed Linda Collins Smith – FAQs

  1. What do you think is Linda Collins Smith?

The actress is an American politician and businesswoman.

  1. Is Linda Collins still alive?

She is not dead.

  1. What year did Linda Collins dead?

On June 4 on the 4th of June, Linda Collins was found dead.

  1. Who was the killer of Linda Collins?

Linda Collins was killed by her friend Rebecca Lynn O’Donnell.

  1. What do you think is Rebecca Lynn O’Donnell?

Rebecca is an ex-campaign worker.

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