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Primp Wordle {June} Explore Today’s Puzzle Answer, List

The article explains the Wordle, the correct solution of the day, the good tips to find the answer quickly, and the people playing Primp Wordle.

Do you get the answer to today’s puzzle? Did you try to get the clues related to today’s Wordle? Are you familiar with the Italian language? Do you know the starting letter and the ending letter of the word? Did you search for that? If not, briefly look at the article below to learn about it.

People from different places like Australia are happy to play this game with a fresh mind. Just go through Primp Wordle. This kind of puzzle helps to grab new words each day.

How to play the game following a few tips?

This online game was invented by software developer Josh Wardle and is quite addictive. As a result of a pandemic, Wordle’s popularity skyrocketed. It is played by millions of people around the world today. No additional software or apps are necessary for the game to run.

  • Don’t make the exact guess twice.
  • First guesses should contain several vowels, especially ‘A’ and ‘E.’
  • If you don’t know the answer, leave letters such as ‘X, Q, and Z for later.

The next Wordle will be released the following day if you cannot solve the puzzle. Primp Game keeps track of your statistics, so if you lose, your winning streak is ended – something that will remind you every time you visit the site.

The definition for Primp is “to dress or adorn with care.”

Words starting with “PR.”

Let us see a few five-letter words that start with “PR” that help solve the puzzles quickly within a few attempts. The list of words is given below.

  • Prana, Prism, Price, Press, priest, print, profit, prank, prang, prahu, prink, pries, promo, prase, prude, proem, prize, prove, and prang.
  • Few words for Primp Wordle.
  • Progs, prods, proof, priss, pride, prime, prima, prise, proms, promo, and so on.
  • Above are the few words that start with “PR.”

Hints for the wordle #361

The word of the day is a little tricky, and the word is in Italian. The term is complex for the word who does not know the language. So the clues might be helpful to find the answer a little easier. 

  • The hints are:
  • The word starts with the letter “P.”
  • Two vowels are present in the word.
  • The ending letter of the word is “O.”
  • The vowel “I” is on the Primp Wordle.
  • The major clue for the word was “the first.”
  • The hints that are above are helpful to get the word.
  • The solution for the word is “PRIMO.”


After searching online, it is known that the word of the day is more accessible to the people who know the Italian language, and few people guessed the word as “PRIMP,”which is wrong, and the correct term is “PRIMO,” and the clues are in above. You can play the game and feel free from stress online at this link. 

Did you get sufficient clues to get a solution for the Primp Wordle? Share your feedback in the form of comments below.

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