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Prion Wordle {June 2022} What Is The Word Of The Day?

Here on Prion Wordle, our attempt is to provide you with some nitty-gritty of the game and help you in your enjoying the journey of the game

Do you play newspaper puzzles or online puzzles? If yes, then you must hear of daily Wordle word puzzles. And your click on this article suggests you are looking for today’s Wordle word #362.

As you are looking for the puzzling answer of the Wordle, many other players are also looking for the same from countries like the United States and Australia. So to solve the Prion Wordle game’s today’s mystery, have some time with this write-up till the end.

How is Prion connected to Wordle game #362?

 The answer to the wordle game #361 was APRON. If we compare the word letters in APRON and Prion, there is some connection. Prion was derived from APRON by replacing “A” (the first letter in APRON) and placing between “R” and “O” but with a change with another vowel “I” which sounds similar. 

Hence we can say that Prion added Wordle is not a new game, but the adjective “Prion” which may have some hints for the puzzle of the day.

Prion Definition and APRON meaning:

Prion in molecular biology is defined as a self-propagating misfolded protein that can transmit its misfolded shape onto normal variants of the same protein. Prion causes several transmissible neuro-degenerative diseases in animals and humans.

And the meaning of APRON is by clothes generally used while cooking and dining in front of the usual clothing, so that regular clothes keep safe while cooking or eating. Although it is common now worldwide, but in early days APRON was used in western countries like the United Kingdom and Canada.

What could be the Prion Wordle word of day #362?

It is for sure that “Prion” is not the answer as it is given. But players can take guesses as letter place changes had been done in the case of “Prion” and “APRON.”

Our searches about the word Prion have found some words nearby to it. These are Print, Prior, and Priority, among others.

How to play the 362 wordle game?

To play the game, follow the below-mentioned steps.

  • Step1: Visit the New York times’ wordle game page.
  • Step2: Type five words similar to “APRON” or “PRION” and enter.
  • Step3: If the guesswork, enjoy the Prion Game and share! If it does not work, try again.
  • Step4: Keep in mind that you get only 5-6 chances.

Few more tips:

  • Follow the pattern, not the exact word given.
  • A pattern can revolve around the letter position and rhyming of the given words.

There can be some other ways to get around the answer. 

Final thought:

To conclude, the wordle game is making news not just because it is a free game but because people like the excitement and the process. Hopefully, the same thing will be with you while playing the Prion Wordle game.

Hope this article made your time fruitful. And if you have anything to share, please comment. And what is your favorite puzzle game? To access the game directly, click here.

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