Tiantian Kullander Wikipedia: Was He a Crypto Founder? Read Details About His Wife, Ethnicity, Drugs, Education, Family, Wikipedia, Biography, Parents, and Biography!

The article discusses the new destruction knowledge about Tiantian Kullandar and the Tiantian Kullander Wikipedia information in the succinct article.

Do you know Tiantian Kullader? One of the well known laying out people from the Computerized cash association Brilliant Get-together. Kullander was 30 years old when he kicked the pail in rest seven days prior. As indicated by the report, the passing clarification isn’t divulged. The news is orbited all over the planet. Tiantian left his each and every innovative thought, and his remembrance administration will be done soon, as reports say. In the meanwhile, we truly need to take a gander at Tiantian Kullander Wikipedia as a matter of fact.

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Tiantian: A Quick Wiki!

  • Complete Name/Authentic Name-Tiantian Kullandar
  • Age-30
  • Date of Birth-1990
  • Designation TT
  • Occupation-Individual advocate of Brilliant Social event
  • Intimate Status-Married
  • Companion Name-Not referred to.
  • Date of Birth-No Data
  • Spot of Birth-Hong Kong
  • Religion-Christian
  • Mother’s name-Not Referred to
  • Assistant Name-No data
  • Zodiac Sign-Not Referred to

The Obituary of Tiantian

After this passing, various individuals are looking for Tiantian’s genuine acknowledgment. While we are looking, we track down two or three recognition about him. As Tiantian was notable for his computerized money work, countless financial people are searching for him on the web. It is similarly said Tiantian left his Significant other and a youth. Tiantian was an incredibly given mate and appreciating father.

Primary Information about Tiantian

We find a couple of reports about his life and business. We have basically no data about his fundamental life. Besides, we see he struggled a great deal before he transformed into an excellent ally of Brilliant Social event. However, we in like manner need precise reports on his young life or his People. Certainly, even about his Family we want more data. We get no names of this father or mother and mate. Anyway, we in like manner found that Tiantian took his association to another level. As an individual promoter of the Brilliant get-together, he began various novel experiences for modernized cash and its openness watching out.

The Education

Kullander was brought into the world in 1992 in Hong Kong. From his life as a youngster days, he was an incredibly focused on student. At an early age, he completed his examinations at a close by school anyway later joined Durham School for higher assessments.

Professional Biography

Directly following completing higher assessments, Tiantian joined Jefferies as an endeavor lender. In any case, he worked here as a student. Following completing the brief task, Tiantian joined Goldman Sachs in the credit trading region. In this affiliation, Kullandar dealt with the head financing and hypothesis. However, in, our manager under a year. As per this Set of experiences, in 2013, Tiantian joined Morgan Stanley. His position was creating business area trader in this affiliation. We managed huge scope finance and did various prominent works.While working with Morgan Stanley, he met the individual advocate of the Brilliant social occasion. Brilliant is a crypto life accomplice association and has transformed into the primary undertaking keeping watch. The valuation of the association extended around three billion USD at this point. Also, with the troublesome drives of Kullandar, the association was connected with Chelsea and Atletico Madrid. With the help of the Brilliant get-together Tiantian laid out another association, Rook Labs, in 2020. This association works on defi applications and does many banking and cash related works. In 2022 Tiantian transformed into the principal virtuoso of another esports association Fnatic. Numerous people should know about his Identity. Notwithstanding, we need help finding information on this. We find a couple of outstanding real factors about Tiantian. In 2019 he was picked in the Forbes 30 summary. Tiantian had 6.6 fans on the LinkedIn account. In 2011 Tiantian furthermore refined before the pack by getting the satisfaction of BP Oil Trading. Several years back two or three cases were made against him. Tiantian used Drugs. However, after the chase of the general large number of reports, we are at this point looking for the authentic news on this. It is moreover clear Kullandar was a very notable and confident Crypto facilitator. His all out resources was one billion USD.

Social Media for Tiantian Wikipedia

We saw stimulating news that Kullandar expected as extra powerful on the critical virtual amusement stages. Nevertheless, he was simply happening on Associated In.




The knowledge about Kullandar has been officially detailed by the Brilliant get-together. Nevertheless, we actually just can’t get a power clarification from his friends and family. You can truly investigate a part of his perspectives by truly checking the association out.


Frequently Asked Questions

1) Do you know the Name of the Gatekeepers of Kullandar?


2) What was his age at the hour of death?

30 Years.

3) Who was Kullandar?

Individual sponsor of Brilliant Social event.

4) Where was he imagined?

In Hong Kong.

5) What was the name of his school?


6) What was his all out resources?

One billion USD.

7) why was Kullandar well known?

He was well known for cutting edge cash.

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