Was Barbie Bassett Fired? What Did Barbie Bassett Say To Carmen Poe? Where Is Barbie Bassett Now?

Was Barbie Bassett Fired? What Did Barbie Bassett Say To Carmen Poe? Where Is Barbie Bassett Now?

Here is what Barbie Bassett spoke to Carmen Poe after the incident that took place at the life of the show. In response to her coworker Carmen …

Was Barbie Bassett Fired – People want to know if WLBT’s first chief meteorologist, Barbie Bassett, was fired or not. Barbie has received the American Meteorological Society’s Seal of Approval, and fans are wondering if she was recently fired. If you’re curious about whether she was fired, keep reading until the end.

Was Barbie Bassett Fired?

Barbie Bassett is one of the most talented WLBT morning news anchors. So, while the show was airing, she said something that is considered offensive. So, let’s take a look at what happened last Friday. According to the Adweek website, WLBT anchor Barbie Bassett of the morning news apologized after making an “offensive” comment on air on Friday at the NBC affiliate in Jackson, Miss. During a live shot on Friday, Bassett used the phrase “grand mammy,” which resembles the slaves’ grandparents to Carmen Poe’s grandmother. However, no internet source has confirmed whether she was fired from the channel; further information about Barbie Bassett will be updated on our website later.

What Did Barbie Bassett Say To Carmen Poe?

Here is what she said to Carmen Poe following the incident that occurred during the show’s run. Barbie Bassett, WLBT anchor, has publicly apologised to her co-worker Carmen Poe for her disturbing on-air remark. On Friday (October 28, 2022), during her appearance on NBC affiliate station, Bassett made a remark about Carmen Poe that bothered Poe and the viewers at home. Barbie Bassett, according to The Focus news website, made an offensive comment to Carmen Poe during her regular appearance on NBC affiliate station WLBT in Jackson, Mississippi. During a live interview on Friday, October 28, Bassett referred to Carmen Poe’s grandmother as “grand mammy.” However, neither Carmen Poe nor she has responded to the recent events at WLBT. According to a random Twitter user, her apologies are less important than whether Carmen Poe took offence and, if so, whether Carmen will accept Barbie’s apology.

What Did Barbie Bassett Say To Carmen Poe

Where Is Barbie Bassett Now?

Viewers of the live show that aired on Friday at the Jackson, Miss. Affiliate of NBC. They might have heard what WLBT anchor Barbie Bassett said while the show was on the air. The term she used was considered offensive, and she apologized to Cameron Poe for it. People want to know where she is right now. According to the Barbie Bassett website, she was an adjunct professor of communication at Mississippi College while anchoring the shows on air. She also serves on the boards of the Hugh O’Brian Youth Leadership Foundation in Mississippi and the Christmas Village. In addition, information about her will be added to our website later.

Barbie Bassett Age

People also looked for Barbie Basset’s age after the recent on-air incident, but there is no definitive information. Barbie Basset’s age is 48 years old, according to the Facts buddy website. She was born in Marks, Mississippi, but her exact birth date is unknown.

Was Barbie Bassett Fired – Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is Barbie Bassett’s height?

She stands 5 feet 5 inches tall.

  1. Who is Barbie Bassett’s husband?

Will Bassett is her husband.

  1. Barbie Bassett has how many children?

She has three kids: Grace, Will Christian, and Lily Faith.

  1. When did Barbie Bassett become a member of WLBT?

Barbie Basset became a member of WLBT in September 1999.

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