Who are the Survivor Contestants who have died? What Survivor Contestants are Dead?

Who are the Survivor Contestants who have died? Which Survivor Contestants are Dead?

Survivor contestant Cassandra Anne “Angie” Jakusz died at age 40 after a three-year battle with cancer. The New Orleans native rose to fame in …

What happened to the Survivor contestants who died? Survivor contestants who have died is a common question. Survivor, the American version of the international reality television competition Survivor, is based on the Swedish television series Expedition Robinson, created by Charlie Parsons in 1997. To find out more about Survivor Contestants Who have Died, please scroll the following article. You can also visit the Survivor Contestants Who Have Perished page for more information about the series and the contestants who died.

Survivor (American TV Series)

Charlie Parsons created the Swedish TV series Expedition Robinson and it debuted in 1997. It was the basis of the reality television competition known as Survivor. American Survivor is the American equivalent. On May 31, 2000, the American television series debuted on CBS. Jeff Probst is the show’s host and serves as executive producer alongside Mark Burnett. The show’s host, Jeff Probst, is responsible for putting a group of people in remote areas where they must provide their own food, shelter, and fire. Participants can compete for prizes or immunity from elimination by participating in activities that test their physical and mental prowess (e.g. swimming and running) and puzzles and endurance tests.

Survivor (American TV Series)

What happened to the Survivor Contestants who have died?

More than 600 contestants have risked their lives to compete for a million dollars in Survivor’s brutal survival and strategy game. Over the 20-year history of Survivor, there have been many losses. This is a complete list of all Survivor participants who have died.

Which Survivor Contestants are Dead?

1) Rudy Boesch Seasons 1 and 8

Rudy brought humor and a lifetime’s worth of survival knowledge to Borneo’s beaches. He formed an unlikely friendship and joined the first ever alliance in the competition. Richard Hatch went on to win it. He came in third overall and was the final contestant to be eliminated. Rudy was a lock for Survivor’s inaugural All-Stars Season four years later. He is still the oldest contestant. Rudy died at 91 on November 1, 2019 due to complications caused by Alzheimer’s and dementia.

2) B.B. Andersen – Season 1

B.B. was also featured in Survivor’s first legendary season. Rudy did better than Andersen. He was surrounded by a group of people, many of them half his age or younger. Because of his work ethic and aggressive nature, he was voted out of the tribe first and second overall. B.B. B.B.

3) Clay Jordan – Season 5

Clay Jordan, a Chuay Gahn tribe member with more experience, spent his time on Survivor’s 5th season. He was able to control one of the most successful games in the early seasons. He was especially close to Brian Heidik who helped him reach the Final Two. Clay lost out to the used car salesman by one vote. Clay died in 2022, after he lost his wife to COVID that year.

4) Roger Sexton – Season 6

Roger Sexton was the oldest contestant in the sixth season of Survivor. This is a famous episode that saw tribes segregated based upon gender. Roger Sexton was a hard worker at camp but was often confrontational with other tribe members. He also came across as misogynistic and prejudiced. He was sent off at the merge with Rob Cesternino, one of his most famous and stinging vote confessionals. This eventually came back to haunt him. Roger died in October 2022 after a long struggle with Lewy body dementia.

5) Jenn Lyon Season 10

Jenn Lyon, the first Survivor alum, tragically died on January 19, 2010. Jenn was a Koror tribe member, which is one of the most powerful and influential teams on the show’s history. She spent her time in Palau, Survivor: Palau. She finished fourth and was the first Survivor contestant not to complete the fire-making challenge. Jenn was diagnosed with breast cancer after her season. She devoted her entire life to raising awareness and education about early childhood. After attending a Survivor 10-anniversary party, she succumbed to the disease. In a special that aired two more weeks later, and in the reunion special season 20, segments were dedicated to her.

6) Angie Jakusz – Season 10

Angie Jakusz was a participant on the Ulong tribe in her tumultuous 12 days on Survivor: Palau. She attended Tribal Council every episode. After proving her ability to compete in challenges, she was selected last for her tribe. However, she was promoted. Angie was diagnosed with a rare form of squamous-cell colorectal carcinoma in November 2017. Her death was due to cancer on January 8, 2021.

7) Ashley Massaro – Season 15

Ashley Massaro, a former member of the WWE who spent some time in the ring, was a well-known face when she joined Survivor: China. Unfortunately, she fell ill early in the game, and was eliminated by her tribe when she felt too weak to continue playing. Ashley committed suicide on May 16, 2019.

8) Dan Kay – Season 17

Dan Kay was a cast member on Survivor: Gabon who started the game with the turbulent Fang tribe. He was switched to the opposing group and then eliminated by the majority alliance. This was because he believed he had found an immunity idol on Exile Island. Dan disappeared suddenly on December 31, 2016, due to an unknown reason.

9) Ralph Kiser – Season 22

His personality was displayed during the 33 days Farmer Ralph Kiser spent at Survivor: Redemption Island. His unique demeanor quickly made him stand out and he was an integral part of the alliance that defeated Russell Hantz. Ralph was finally placed ninth, and he was the last member of his alliance to be eliminated. He died from a heart attack on April 20, 2022.

10) Caleb Bankston – Season 27

Survivor: Blood vs. Water pitted ex-participants against their loved ones, and changed the game as we knew it. Caleb Bankston was introduced by Colton Cumbie (a contestant from season 24). Colton quit the game too early, but Caleb continued to play until the end. Jeff Probst (the show’s executive producer and host) praised his departure. Caleb died on June 24, 2014 at a railroad station in an accident that was related to his work.

11) Cliff Robinson – Season 28

Cliff Robinson is one of the most prominent professional athletes to take part in Survivor. He played basketball professionally for 18 year and was awarded the Sixth Man of the Year Award. He was offered a place on the Brawn tribe of Survivor: Cagayan, and his rivals immediately took to him. He was eliminated in fifth place by his tribe members. Cliff died from lymphoma on August 29, 2020.

12) Burquest – Season 33

Sunday Burquest, a survivor of breast cancer, was proud to be a contestant on Survivor: Millennials vs. Gen X. She formed strong relationships with the Gen X tribe members and was able to get through a chaotic postmerger, a suspenseful draw and finish seventh. Unfortunately, she was again diagnosed with ovarian and esophageal cancer in 2020 after her time on the island. Sunday died on April 18, 2021 after receiving a flood of support from her castmates from season 33.

Survivor Contestants Who Have Died – Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Is Caleb from Survivor dead?

Yes, he’s dead.

  1. Who lasted longest on Survivor?

Ozzy Lusth was a long-lived survivor.

  1. Is anyone currently pregnant with Survivor?

Georgia, a Noosa, Queensland forensic psychologist, didn’t know she was pregnant until she appeared on the intense reality series.

  1. Is Evie on Survivor a man?

Evie, a transgender women, is one of the players in Survivor.

  1. Are the runners-up eligible for anything in Survivor?

All castaways and contestants who make it to the tribal council are paid by Survivor. Typically, each person receives approximately $10,000 for the reunion show.

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