Who is Cop Killed In Shootout Catfished, What Happened To The Ex-police Officer?

A former Virginia police officer, believed to have murdered a teenager’s family in Riverside, California, after “catfishing” her online, …

Cop Killed In Shootout Duped: Austin Lee Edwards was an ex-cop who was a suspect in the manslaughter and this article will talk about what precisely befell the Cop Killed In Shootout Duped. So, we should start with the article named ‘Cop Killed In Shootout Duped.’ So, how about we start with the article.

Cop Killed In Shootout Catfished

Ex-cop was killed in CA after he was found duping a young lady. The specialists detailed that they shot and killed Austin Lee Edwards, who was a previous cop situated in Virginia. The suspect was engaged with a triple murder as he killed the high schooler young lady’s loved ones. Prior to killing her family, the ex-police much of the time connected with the youngster young lady, and he was associated with duping the high schooler on the web.

California Family Killed

Austin Lee Edwards, a 28-year-old cop, was the killer who killed the high schooler young lady’s loved ones. The three bodies were seen as inside their home and were distinguished by the police. The demised individuals were the youngster young lady’s grandparents Imprint Winek who was 69, and his better half, Sharie Winek, who was 65 at the hour of her passing, and the adolescent young lady’s mom, Brooke Winek, who was only 38, were killed in the episode.

Cop Catfished California Girl

The cop fostered a cooperation with the youngster young lady for quite a long time; he associated with her through virtual entertainment and notwithstanding, and he delayed the relationship to a degree where he could meet face to face. As expressed ex-cop was engaged with duping the high schooler young lady with a phony character; further, the suspect killed her granddad, grandma, and her mom. The suspect was at last shot by the police, yet notwithstanding, they couldn’t save the blameless casualties.

What Does Catfished Online Mean?

Duping is a term that implies professing to be somebody who sets up a phony profile to deceive individuals needing love; this is normally finished to fool individuals into getting cash out from underneath their requirements. So, a catfish is no one except for a the other faker party who yearns for affection. You might inquire as to whether duping is legitimate or not; all things considered, duping is rarely lawful or suggested.

  1. What was Austin’s age?

Austin Lee Edwards, a 28-year-old cop

  1. Was Austin a cap?

Indeed, Austin was a cop.

  1. Is Austin dead?

Indeed, Austin is dead.

  1. How did Austin bite the dust?

Austin was shot to death.

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