Who is Thogden? Thogden's Real Name, Age and Brother, Family and Net Worth

Who is Thogden? Thogden’s Real Name, Age and Brother, Family and Net Worth

Thogden is a well-known figure on social media who was born and raised in London, England. He became 21 in 2022. He was born on April 7, 2001. …

Who is Thogden? – Information about the English YouTuber Thogden. He is known for his videos with his father Thogdad. Fans of Thogden have been wondering about his identity. You can also read the rest of this article to find out who Thogden is.

Who is Thogden?

Thogden, a British YouTuber, is English-born and lives in London. He records his videos with his father, Thogdad. He uploads videos every other day. Thogden, who was born in London and raised there, is well-known on social media. He turned 21 in 2022. He was born April 7, 2001. He was 13 years old when Ogden created a YouTube channel called Thogden. It has over 940,000 subscribers and more than 122.4 million viewers.

Who Is Thogden

Thogden Real Name

People are curious if the British YouTuber Thogden refers to himself as in his youtube video. Many of his followers wonder if the name is a different name and if it could be his real name. Here is his real name. According to the information from TheSun, his real name is Theo Ogden.

Thogden Age

He is a popular British YouTuber. People are searching the internet to find out his exact age. This is the answer to your question. Thogden was 21 years old as of 2022.

Thogden Brother & Family

According to Famousbirthdays, He was raised in London, England. His real name is Theo Ogden. He made fun of his mom on his YouTube channel. His father’s name is Thogdad, but he is actually Stephen Ogden. His younger sibling is called Thogdad on the Thogden channel. We will update our website with more information about his family.

Thogden Net Worth

People want to know the income of their favourite personalities to see their growth and income. According to Thewikifeed, Thogden is an American Youtuber with an estimated net worth $0.5 million.

Thogden Twitter

He is active Twitter user @Thogden. He tweets frequently and has 141.6K Twitter followers. Click this link to follow him on Twitter and hit the Follow button.

Thogden Twitter

Most Frequently Asked Questions

 1. How old is Thogden?

Thogden is 21.

 2. What is the real name of Thogden?

He is actually Theo Ogden.

3. Is it true that he watches Youtube videos with his father?

He makes videos with his dad. His dad’s name is Thogdad.

4. What is Thogden’s father’s name?

Thogdad is Theo Ogden’s father and it is his YouTube channel.

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