Who is Typical Gamer (Andre Rebelo)? Read About Biography, Age, Girlfriend, Parents, Height and Net Worth

Who is Typical Gamer (Andre Rebelo)? Read About Biography, Age, Girlfriend, Parents, Height and Net Worth

Andre Rebelo, better known online as Typical Gamer, is a famous Fortnite YouTuber from Canada. He is also known for his live streams of other video games.

Andre Rebelo was the original Typical Gamer. YouTuber from Canada, Typical Gamer is known for his gaming videos that often feature Fortnite and Grand Theft. The number of subscribers to Typical Gamer is over 12 million. Before he was famous on social media, Typical Gamer began a YouTube career with Red Dead Redemption. Typical Gamer is also a popular figure on Twitter and Facebook. His Twitter followers exceed 100,000 and his Facebook page has over 425,000 fans.

What is the Average Gamer Age?

Typical Gamer was birthed March 23, 1992. He was born in Canada.

Gamer Parents

Although he is a popular gamer, Typical Gamer prefers to keep his family secret. His parents are not known. His brother, however, is known as Billy.

A typical gamer girlfriend

Samara Redway is a Typical Gamer. She was born in Vancouver Canada. Samara Redway is also a social-media star. Her subscribers number over 1.6million. Samara is a popular figure and uses social media platforms to share her story. She shares content such as games, including Grand Theft among others.

Average Height of a Gamer

The typical Gamer is tall. His physical appearance is impressive. He stands 5′ 10 Inches tall.

Average Gamer Net Worth

The average value of a Gamer is $23 million.

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