Who is Vivian Polania (Nov 2022) Video Goes Viral – Columbia’s Judge Appeared Half Naked & Stoned

Vivian Polania Video Goes Viral – Columbia’s Judge Appeared Half Naked & Stoned. Steve Smith. by Steve Smith 

Vivian Polania video has as of late been moving on the web. The substance of the video was fairly dubious and against the respectability of the court’s discipline. Vivian Polania is the Columbian Adjudicator, and as of late she was suspended from her situation as an appointed authority due to the video of her that as of late became a web sensation. It was observed that the justification for her suspension was that she showed up half-bare and smoking in bed. The disciplinary advisory group said that Vivian’s clothing was against their court’s discipline, yet Polania said that she was doing this for clinical reasons. Vivian was accounted for to be hearing the situation for a vehicle bombarding episode that happened in June 2021. The vehicle besieging brought about harm to a military unit in Cúcut. As per a report from TMZ, Polania was found in the video that she was on a zoom call. She heard a case, and during the preliminary, she was seen examining maybe she was tipsy. Continuing a couple of moments to the trials, she switched off her camera, and it was found that the camera had been switched off for about 60 minutes. The Legal Disciplinary Commission made a serious move on this, and they sent off an examination over Judge Polania’s unseemly activities. On the zoom call that became a web sensation, it was clear that Polania was lying on her bed in a “disgraceful state.”

Disciplinary Committee Suspends Judge Vivian Polania Until February 2023

It was reported by Columbia’s Public Bonus of Legal Morals that Columbia’s adjudicator, named Heidy Vivian Polania Franco, is suspended for her improper activities. Columbia’s Public Bonus of Legal Morals added that Polania will be suspended until February 2023. Following her suspension, the court commission expressed; “It is an obligation of this commission to stay away from and forestall rehashing the appointed authority’s disdain for the instatement of her situation and the scorn she displayed with her partners in the public examiner’s office, the indictment, and the guard.” The commission likewise expressed that there is no support for the activities and conduct of Judge Vivian Polania. Polania was in her home and had the opportunity to get officially dressed for the trial’s on zoom call, yet she annoyed the etiquette of the court. As per sources, Vivian has played out certain activities previously, continuously keeping her in the bonus’ eyes. Beforehand, she was cautioned for sharing provocative photographs on her web-based entertainment account. At the point when Vivian was cautioned about her provocative virtual entertainment posting, she answered that she was doing that since she was essentially being “liberal.” In answer, she added, “Not all adjudicators, legal advisors, and other state workers are something similar. What I wear and show on my virtual entertainment is my choice and I won’t modify anything.” After the video became a web sensation, Vivian was welcomed into a radio broadcast where she said the video was deluding. She likewise said that she was additionally experiencing mental breakdowns during the court’s web based hearing. Afterward, she said that she had hypertension while she heard the preliminary. During a meeting with Semana, she guaranteed that after she showed up in Cúcuta, she felt the weather conditions was hotter, so she chose to wear shorts and a shirt. Aside from her assertions, individuals that were available during the web-based trial felt awkward. Polania’s associates likewise additionally encouraged her to wear long dresses to meet the court’s etiquette.

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