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Write for Us + Blockchain Guest Post: Read Details!

This article Write for Us + Blockchain Guest Post explains the formatting rules and general SEO guidelines for presenting the articles on the Nonjatta team.

Have you seen the latest fall in the NFT performance? Are you the person who understands the workings of blockchain applications? In this Industrial Revolution 4.0 period, many new things have been created every day. So, liability lies on the people’s side to know about every invention, and one of the most important among those is blockchain technology. And it being in trend, we have chosen to publish this Write for Us + Blockchain Guest Post article on our platform.

About our content creation platform “Nonjatta.com”

Nonjatta website is famous for its transparent way of conveying information without biases. We help our readers enrich their knowledge with new stuff and exciting news. Moreover, our website has acquired a good SEO and trust score, so it helps us prove our legitimacy in action. And our works, like reviewing and Blockchain + Write for Us articles, are getting more positive reviews from our readers. And our presence has reached the distant lands of this world. 

Some of our popular topics are,

  • Sharing the latest tips on games and shopping.
  • Health and its associated topics
  • Digital currency.
  • Blockchain technology
  • Latest product reviews
  • Websites reviews and their legitimacy analysis.
  • Money and travel

Write for Us + Blockchain Articles with Desirable Experience and Qualifications

Blockchain works like standard databases, but it is more decentralized and stores the information in blocks, making it easier to access from anywhere in the world. And it has established its presence in many day-to-day activities as it does the work of the digital ledger. We want to approach the “Write for Us” + Blockchain topic in two ways: in an informational and career-oriented way.

  • We expect the writers to be professional blockchain analysts so that they can explain the basics of the more advanced topics.
  • As blockchain technologies are trending everywhere in the world, they may have a bright future for students or job seekers who study courses related to blockchain; thus, career professionals also share their knowledge.

Write for Us Blockchain Article Recommended Topics.

We request the guest post writers to choose the topic from the list, or else they can choose their associated topics.

  • Fundamental entities in the blockchain like block headers, chains, etc.
  • Algorithms behind the workings of BC
  • Real-time uses of the blockchain
  • Personal information security using blockchain
  • Use of blockchain in NFT and bitcoin
  • In Write for Us+ Blockchain article, writers can present the usage of blockchain technologies in the health sector because blockchain has been doing revolutionary things in the healthcare sector.
  • Implementation of governmental schemes using blockchain
  • The role of blockchain in the creation of NFT
  • Usage of blockchain in IoT and big data
  • How to create a simple model of blockchain

Blockchain Write for Us Article Formatting Guidelines

  • Blockchain is a technical topic, so the word length has to be mandatory, above 800 words.
  • Falsification and plagiarism in the articles will attract direct rejection. Our team will uphold this rule.
  • The articles should be written without any vocabulary, grammar, or punctuation errors.
  •  “Write for Us” + “Blockchain” articles should be written in simple English so writers can avoid using a more complex level of language.
  • All the articles should have a good Grammarly score (more than 98%).
  • Inclusion of images and flowcharts is encouraged, but they shouldn’t cause copyright infringement on our website.
  • All the information has to have a credible and authentic origin.

The “Write for Us” + Blockchain Blog Guidelines to Implement SEO Strategies

  • The targeted keywords can be split into primary and secondary keywords. Primary keywords should have a high SEO score and be used in many places according to the article’s length.
  • Internal and external links can also be used to increase the SEO score of the article, so writers are requested to insert legitimate links.

Benefits to the Blockchain + “Write for Us” Writer

  • Nonjatta helps writers to learn new professional things, and our editorial team will assist them in every writing phase. So, they can get real professional exposure.
  • Our website has a global reader base so that the article can reach every corner of the world, which helps to increase the impressions of the article.

Blockchain “Write for Us” Articles Submission

Authors have to send their completed articles to the Nonjatta editorial team’s [email protected], and after processing the works, they will inform about the selected articles. For more queries, the writers can reach the editorial team anytime.


We want to stress this important point again in this article: kindly don’t send someone else’s work; it is very disrespectful, and the work loses its original value hence the Write for Us + Blockchain Guest Post writers must send their genuine work. It is always wiser to grab the opportunity when it comes to us, so we hope that the Blockchain guest contributors will make the best decision on contributing their efforts to our platform.

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