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Write for Us + General Guest Post: Find Information!

The article Write for Us + General Guest Post outlined the essential rules and guidelines to be followed while submitting articles to the Nonjatta team.

Guest post articles are getting more attention from people all over the world. If you are a writer who is aspiring to become a professional writer and has sufficient knowledge to share with our readers, then our Nonjatta team heartily welcomes you on board. So, Write for Us + General Guest Post articles will surely be a valuable resource for our readers, and we expect the writers to contribute to them.

Introduction to our Nonjatta.com website

Nonjatta.com is one of the trending news portal platforms which guarantees supreme content and reviews. Our reviews and content have helped a lot of people. And we are doing our part to create awareness for the people through our General + Write for Us article.

Seeing our satisfied customers boosts our efforts to create more authentic content, and we have a team of professional writers dedicated to using their skills to present good articles. 

Our trending topics are,

  • Gaming and shopping tips
  • Reviewing the informative nature of the website and products
  • Business
  • Health Tips
  • Money and its related latest updates, like crypto
  • Latest news
  • Personality details

Write for Us + General Article Desirable Essentialities

As we have given the general topics, individuals from the various sectors can contribute their efforts. But the individuals should refrain from coming up with boring topics. Instead, they should go for alternative and innovative topics. It has to be interesting, and at the same time, it has to be more informative.

  • For writing “Write for Us” + General articles, the writers should select a specific genre. It can be of any genre.
  • We also support the works of the freshmen, but they must follow our guidelines in addition to their creative style of writing.
  • We haven’t set any particular educational qualifications, so this opportunity is open to all interested aspiring writers. Education is not a bar at all.

Write for Us General Topic Examples

As we have stated before, the topics to be addressed in a unique, creative, and helpful manner so it can be related to,

  • The downfall of NFT and its reasons
  • The future of cryptocurrency
  • Emerging health issues in the 21st century
  • Tips for maintaining a healthy mind
  • In the “Write for Us” + “General” articles, the guest post contributors can also pick a celebrity or personality, and they can share about their successful journey, life lessons, etc.
  • Motivational articles with case studies
  • Profitable start-up ideas
  • Legitimate government work-from-home jobs
  • Interesting sports articles, their updates, and analysis

As mentioned earlier, it is not a mandate to choose the title; it is just for reference.

General Write for Us Blog Editing Rules

  • The length of the guest post article is wholly dependent on the nature of the content, so the minimum and maximum word limits are 500 to 2000.
  • Any form of piracy is prohibited, so we request the writers to present their genuine work. To ensure that writers can send a screenshot of their plagiarism% in the document.
  • The Write for Us+ General article should have grammatically correct sentences to ensure that the writer can use the Grammarly application.
  • Authors should not use irreverent language, false assumptions, or mature content in their articles.
  • Articles should be highly researched and don’t repeat any content within the article.
  • Presentation is critical, so the guest post contributors should fill their articles with images, lists, trivia facts, etc.

SEO conditions to be used for “Write for Us” + General blogs 

  • Writers can use SEO techniques but should refrain from stuffing irrelevant keywords just because they’re trending on the internet.
  • Keywords need to be highlighted, and the proper keyword density has to be maintained.
  • The spam value should be below 5 percent.
  • Internal and external links must be used after the 70% completion of guest post articles.

General + “Write for Us” Guest post Writers’ Privileges

  • The Nonjatta team knows the value of each writer, so we give full recognition to the guest post contributors.
  • We have good monthly impressions and internet rankings so that many people will access their articles.
  • We have a friendly and professional team who will help the writer with doubts about editing or title suggestions.

Rules for submitting General “Write for Us” works

All the completed works should reach us through the mail mentioned [email protected]. And for doubtful clarifications, writers can also utilize this editorial team’s email address. They will try to reach back within 48 hours.


The Nonjatta team expects high-quality and genuine work from our writers. We have the policy to edit the articles according to our readers’ needs, so our editorial team will have exclusive rights over the selected articles. Write for Us + General Guest Post authors are prohibited from selling or reposting the submitted content on other platforms. Because with us, all the general topics articles will be highly protected, we are stressing over it; kindly acknowledge it.

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