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Write for Us + Health Paid Guest Post: Know Benefits!

The article Write for Us + Health Paid Guest Post describes the mandatory guidelines to be followed for presenting Nonjatta’s articles in a clearer manner.

Do access to good health an essential need for every human being? Are you a health expert looking for a platform to exhibit your inborn and acquired knowledge in the healthcare field? Then you have arrived at the right platform to showcase your writing skills because our team is also rigorously involved in the journey of enlightening people through our Write for Us + Health Paid Guest Post, which has helped thousands of people.

About our platform nonjatta.com

Our nonjatta.com website is emerging as a global platform that consists of high-quality content. It helps us to reach people from every corner of the world. And our selection of topics and niches is related chiefly to the practical lives of the people, so the Health Paid + Write for Us article helps them to relate our information to their daily lives, and we take pride in delivering such helpful content.

Our customer-oriented topics cover the following:

  • Health care
  • Cryptocurrency
  • Website review
  • Reviews of the latest products
  • Gaming tips
  • CBD
  • Traveling tips
  • Technology
  • Shopping Tips

Essential qualifications needed for presenting the Write for Us + Health Paid article

Health is a broader umbrella term with different sub-sections and types. So, we expect our guest post writers to address the issues that are highly neglected in our society and need immediate attention. If we present this article in this manner, our readers will be more interested in reading our “Write for Us” + Health Paid articles. For this position, we expect a highly qualified individual with more experience in the healthcare field and its associated sectors.

  • Medical practitioners and students can participate in our platform and share all the health tips and medical problems associated with our current world.
  • We want our authors to expose the information that will help prevent future pandemics like COVID. Some research scholars, doctors, professionals, and pharmacologists can share this helpful information.

Write for Us Health Paid Article Topics for Suggestions

The below-mentioned topics are to be addressed from this point of view

  • Exclusive topic on women’s health
  • Global reports on each disease and its latest treatments
  • There are two types of health: physical and psychological, and addressing its latest problems can be discussed in the “Write for Us” + “Health Paid” article because this digital world is resulting in lots of depression and anxiety, and we have decided to take the initiative on addressing the psychological diseases too.
  • The latest medical inventions
  • Myths vs. facts on information circulating under the health topic
  • Ways to deal with non-communicable diseases and their prevention techniques
  • Limelight on fake generic medicine in the markets

Health Paid Write for Us Blog Presentation Rules

  • The article should be conveyed more simply, and the writers can avoid inserting too many scientific terms without compromising the quality of the content.
  • The word length can be varied between 750 and 1200.
  • Grammar and spelling errors have to be rectified before submission. And the required Grammarly score is 98 or higher.
  • No plagiarism will be encouraged. We need 100% unique and independent articles.
  • In Write for Us+ Health Paid article, medical experts should not promote any medical institution or medical products.
  • The article must compulsorily contain accurate and credible information.
  • Articles should be supported with respective reports and research.
  • Writers should insert the necessary images and illustrations for easy understanding.
  • The line spacing, indentation, and font size should be done professionally.

SEO rules and guidelines for “Write for Us” + Health Paid article

  • Incorporating SEO strategy is paramount in guest post articles, so the writer can use the Google search engine to find the targeted keywords associated with the topic and use them in the article.
  • Spam values can reduce Google rankings, so writers should find a way to reduce them. Using the apt internal and external links helps to decrease spam value, so try to maintain it under 5%.

Nonjatta’s Health Paid + “Write for Us” availing benefits 

  • Nonjatta’s website is a recognized platform, so it has a more significant number of monthly visitors, which benefits the writers by allowing them to reach a larger audience.
  • Our website uses SEO optimization principles in all our articles to reach the top ranking in Google search results.

How to submit Health Paid “Write for Us” article?

We are sharing our editorial [email protected], and all the writers are requested to send their finished articles to this address. Our editorial team members will respond as early as possible.


Publishing a health topic is equal to doing divine work; the person who helps people to come out of their pain is a real saviour. So, writers should keep that in mind while submitting their Write for Us + Health Paid Guest Post articles to the Nonjatta team. One error may cost a human life. So please be responsible and join our hands to serve our readers through Health guest posts.

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