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Write for Us + Technology Guest Post: A Comprehensive!

The article on Write for Us + Technology Guest Post is detailed information for the proper writing of the guest post articles of Nonjatta.com.

Are you searching for the opportunity to write a guest post? Are you experienced in writing technology-related posts? In the technological world, people are switching to online opportunities. 

If you are looking forward to grabbing such an opportunity to write the articles like the website review and website review-related articles. This blog will serve you to best know about Write for Us + Technology Guest Post.

About Nonjatta.com website:

Nonjatta.com is famous for its unique content. We serve to provide quality content which aids people in getting updated in all aspects. In addition, our platform serves with an appreciable SEO rating, a good trust index, and a good Alexa score. All these factors constitute the legitimacy of the site.

So, our website is legitimate and serves your quality content through the articles such as Technology + Write for Us.

Our website ensures to check the article posted in terms of its facts. The procedure ensures the quality of the content, which in turn gains the trust of our readers. 

These are the following niches that can be seen on our site:

  • Health
  • Business
  • Gaming Tips
  • Shopping Tips
  • Technology
  • Product Reviews
  • Website Reviews
  • Travel
  • Money

Skills that are required for the presentation of the Write for Us + Technology post:

The guest post articles are getting a higher response on online platforms. Guest posts serve the best to get more impressions. These posts work best in the strategy of content marketing.

We look forward to guest post writers who have a great hand in writing quality technical posts to get good rankings and impressions.

  • We welcome the authors having an appreciable experience and having a great skill set in the “Write for Us” +Technology post.
  • We expect our writers to have good writing skills and should do perfection in their posts. The authors are expected to serve the best that they can present.
  • As a technology guest post article, the writers with academic degrees in science and other related technical fields can present their analytical skills in the current topics.

Technology Write for Us post topic-related suggestions:

The team on our website has some suggestions related to the current trend topics. We are not obligating the writers to choose from them, but the main motive is to give the idea of what we expect.

  • The current updates related to the cryptocurrencies.
  • The ongoing blockchain technologies can be presented in “Write for Us” + “Technology” posts.
  • Information related to virtual currency establishments.
  • Articles on Ethereum.
  • Facts-related articles.
  • Articles that help to know the hidden terms of cryptocurrency.

The writers are suggested to look at the above-listed topic-related information.

Essential points to be followed for writing “Write for Us” + Technology posts:

  • The word limit ranges from 500 to 2000. It is the author’s choice to select the word limit of the guest post article.
  • For grammatical and spelling corrections, we recommend using the Grammarly tool.
  • The content score in Grammarly should be above ninety-eight for the article on Write for Us+Technology. The article should be unique and free from plagiarism. 
  • The guest post writers should do the research and not have false news or facts that contradict the content’s authenticity.
  • The article should be neatly presented with proper formats, Bullets and headings.
  • The readability in terms of rating should be between 70 to 80 per cent.

What are the plus points of writing Technology + “Write for Us” with our writers:

  • Our Nonjatta.com team has a great reader base worldwide. So, the readers will benefit from dealing with the regional people’s interests.
  • Our platform has proper optimization in terms of SEO to get the best ranking. It helps the article to reach different sets of people. All these things help to get strong impressions on the post.

SEO key guidelines for Write for Us Technology:

  • The writers can search the topics on search engines for high SEO-rated keywords and write articles using them.
  • The articles should have authentic internal and external links. The links should be highlighted in bold. Placement of the links should be done after the descriptions.
  • The spam value is reduced by using the appropriate external and internal links. A spam percentage of 5 to 6 per cent is acceptable only.

How to submit Technology “Write for Us” posts:

Interested writers are requested to send their soft copies of the content to the [email protected]. The queries will be clarified within a day or so.


We have specified all of our expectations from the guest post writers. Writers are welcome to share their diverse skills via our platform. Nonjatta.com presents unique content to get the trust of readers residing worldwide. We do not compromise the authenticity and originality of the content. So, it is highly recommended to submit unique content. Our team holds all rights for Write for Us + Technology Guest Post. The post writers must acknowledge all these things before submitting the Technology related topics. Regards, we are expecting your response.

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